Farmatox Research Group

Farmatox: Pharmacology of toxins

Our Center

Facultad de Veterinaria in Lugo, Spain

Our Campus

Campus Terra

Our University

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Our infrastructure

From Impact of climate change on emerging toxins to new therapeutic uses from marine toxins, we have all necessary equipment for this type or research, including animal facilites, imageNMR, Confocal and electron microscopy, Flow cytometry, Biosensor, Mass spectrometry, etc.

The group

It was created as such 15 years ago, but our experience goes 25 years back. It gathers professors of Pharmacology, Physiology, Analytical Chemistry, Agriculture and Histology.

Our research

New methods, toxicology, drug discovery, food safety.
Marine compounds from microalgae, sponges, etc, as a source of new drug leads. 
Study of the mechanism of action and toxicology of natural compounds.


From drug discovery, technology for detoxification or new functional or analytical methods, we have collaborations with several leading groups. 


EU Research Projects

Farmatox Research Group

Department of Pharmacology

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