Pharmacy Service

Our Pharmacy Service, at the Rof Codina Hospital, was the first is Spain to get authorization for human and veterinary drugs. It is the supplier of drugs to the hospital and it is also used for the practical teaching of Pharmacotherapy. Belongs to the American Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists.
It is authorized to prepare Magistral Formulations.

Triple quad mass spectrometer

Mostly used for analysis of natural toxins and drug quantification and coupled to a quaternary UPLC. Also a Fluorescent HPLC with several pump configurations.

Time of flight mass spectrometer

Ion trap and time of flight for high resolution mass spectrometry.

Fluorescence: Confocal microscope and ratio imaging

For live cell studies, we have a confocal system with 7 lasers and a fluorescent high speed ratioing system.

Flow cytometer and image capture

We have the Ammis system with up to 12 colors, it complements the confocal microscope and allows cell studies with several dyes simultaneously.

Biosensors and polarization fluorescence readers

We have several Biacore systems (Q and X), a Luminex 200  and a xMAP Intelliflex (fluorescent beads flow cytometer), a resonant mirror biosensor, a MP-SPR Navi 200 OTSO, and several polarization fluorescence readers (Biotek, Hidex).

Patch clamp

We have a manual system, a semiautomatic-three channels, and an automatic Fluxion ion flux 16 

Cell culture, protein and gen studies, screening robot and drying equipment

We have a microplate screening robot and the equipment for real time PCR, western and image analysis, RNA chips, etc.  and several drying rotavapors or vacuum drying systems for extraction purposes. Also, many transfected cell lines for specific studies.

Research with animals

Since we are in a veterinary faculty, we have access to research with all type of animals, including a transgenic research module.